Finance & Accounting

Finance & Accounting

 The development of China’s capital market has been closely linked to and driven by China’s economic reforms, and in return contributes to the economic development. In the past 10 years, China’s stock market has achieved tremendous development. By the middle of 2015, listed companies amounted to 2,802, investor accounts exceeded 150 million, and the total market capitalization of shares exceeded nearly CNY 60 trillion.


Sample Company

Please note*  we provide the sample company to give an example for applicants to understand better about each sectors. We can’t guarantee the internship in sample company .

China Merchants Securities co. Ltd. provides investors with all-round professional services of securities investment and financing, including securities trading, securities financing and loan, securities issuance and underwriting, merger & acquisition, asset restructuring, financial consultation, asset management, and investment consultation. It wholly owns China Merchants Securities International, China Merchants Futures, and China Merchants Capital Investment, and is a shareholder in BOSERA Funds and China Merchants Fund, building a comprehensive securities service platform integrating both domestic and international business.

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