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  • Application Process & Program Details
    Is JiC program available for applicants of all nationalities?

    Yes,This program is  available for applicants of all nationalities. However, the visa application requirements may different for applicants from some countries.

    Can you tell us more about the application process?

    Please the application page for more information , If you have more questions, feel free to contact us using email or call us directly.

    When is the deadline for an application?

    The good thing is JiC will arrange your internship based on your planed date when you fill your application form. JiC commonly  allow at least eight weeks prior to your program start date to organize your internship placement(The time when you need to pay the deposit money to our account) However, internship in some sectors can be limited, therefore we recommend that you apply as early as possible to allow us to find the most suitable company for you.

    What qualifications do I need to apply?

    There are two basic requirements:

    1,Applicants can speak English

    2,All applicants must have completed or be currently enrolled in a degree program.

    We don’t require applicants to speak Chinese,but the applicants must have language ability to speak English.We are also looking for you to exhibit a strong academic record, and an interest in foreign travel and culture.

    Do I need to speak Chinese?

    No you don’t, We will make sure when you have the internship in China, you will have an English-speaking supervisor. Besides that we will also provide you a 7/24 bilingual support service.

    Can current university students apply?

    Yes, of course JiC welcome applicants from graduates and current university students who are interested in having an internship in China.

    Students on their gap-year and pre-university students are also encouraged to apply our project.

  • Health & Safety
    Do I need to get special vaccinations before I go to China?

    We are not medical professionals, So we can’t give you an answer.We highly recommend that you consult doctors or government travel department  before travel so that you can be fully informed on what vaccinations or medication you may need.

    Do I need to purchase before I go to China

    Yes,Despite JiC will purchase local accident insurance. JiC still requires that all interns purchase travel insurance for the duration of their time in China. We recommend following insurances.

    Is China safe?

    Yes. For our founders’ 25 years living experience, China is a petty safe country due to it’s strict gun control law and population(It is hard to commit crime when everybody is watching you). JiC also pick the safe & secure location for you to complete your internship. You can find more information regarding the safety of traveling to China below:

    U.S. Department of State. U.S. Passport & International Travel

    UK Department of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth

    Who can I call for help while in China?

    JiC is proud to operate a team of talented bilingual Program Managers who form your Support Network while in China on our program.

    Your Program Managers all have experience living and working in your location.They are available 7/24 to provide you with support throughout your time in China.

    Upon your arrival in China your Program Managers will be waiting at the airport to pick you up and take you to your accommodation. At the following day we will give you an Orientation and Induction to Chinese culture and life in China.

    At this presentation you will be provided with the contact details of your Program Manager team. You will also receive this information before you depart to China. We recommend you print this information out and keep it on your belongings during your time in the China.

    All  applicant will be provided with an Emergency Card with contact details of the JiC team, and the location of your accommodation in Chinese characters.

    What are the safety measures in place at my accommodation?

    To be informed, the Chinese emergency call is 110.

    With local office. JiC  can conduct detail research into the  potential accommodation providers to make sure the accommodation is safe and secure based on JiC’s criteria.

    Each accommodation provider is assessed against our own internal health and safety criteria.

    The safety of  our interns it the top priority. All applicants will have access to our 24/7 Support Network to provide solutions for any issues relating to your accommodation.

    What should I do when I need emergency medical care ?

    To be informed, the Chinese Ambulance emergency number is :120

    However We have local 7/24 Support Team at your service.

    When your arrival in China you’ll be provided with an Emergency Card which provides a number you can call in an emergency and details of local 24 hour hospitals, you will also be provided with the contact details of your Program Managers who you may also call in an emergency.

    In the case of a serious medical emergency you should contact a medical service immediately, and notify our 7/24 emergency contact that which hospital you are going to. Your Program Manager will meet you at the hospital.

    Please note that we require all our applicants to have the travel insurance for the duration of their program.

  • Before Departure
    What is the visa application process?

    After you have been accepted onto the program, We will give you full details of the visa application process.

    You may find more information at Visa page.

    How do I obtain a Chinese Visa?

    You can detail information in our Visa page.

    What clothes and other things should I take to China?

    China is a big country ,The climate is totally different in different province. JiC local office will  advise you on what to bring depend on your internship location and the time of year when you depart, and you will receive a pre-departure list that provides more detail about what to pack in your suitcase.

    How do I book my flights to China?

    Please note that the cost of your flight ticket, and travel insurance, is not included in our program prices. You will need to purchase your return flight ticket ensuring that your flight arrives in Hangzhou airport:

    Hangzhou:Hangzhou International Airport(HGH)

    Please make sure your flight arrives between the hours of 9am and 9pm in order for us to guarantee airport arrival services.

  • In China
    What about the living cost of China?

    First let’s see the living cost based on three different things:

    Coke 355ml                              2.5 rmb /0.4 euro

    One big mac hamburger        18 rmb/ 2.6 euro

    Bus one trip                              2 rmb/  0.3euro

    Those three things are both common in Euro and China. You can tell the difference when you compare the price between Euro and China. However, the cost of living in China varies depending on how you choose to spend your money – because China develops so fast ,residents earn very diverse levels of income and as a result the city offers a huge amount of choice in everything from restaurants to transport.

    What's next when I arrived In China?

    When you arrived the airport. JiC staff will be waiting for you at the arrival gate.

    JiC will send the staff’s information before you departure. If you can’t not find the staff, turn on you cellphone so that they can contact you.

    How do I prepare myself to visit and work in China ?

    JiC will give you detail orientation on working in China once you arrive. This includes an introduction to Chinese business etiquette and culture, which will help you feel more comfortable working in a foreign environment.

    In addition, once you join the program and before you travel to China, we will send you a pre-departure informationv& advice on how to prepare yourself for your time in China.

    Where will I live?

    Your accommodation is included within the program fee. We place everyone in modern, comfortable, serviced apartments . We ensure that all the apartments are clean, pleasant spaces to live in with TV, internet access,air conditioning.

    You will have your own private bedroom and may share living facilities with one or two other interns of the same gender.

    What happens if I have any problem when I am in China?

    In the unlikely event that you encounter a problem while on your program, your first contact will be the JiC 7/24 manager.

    We provide bilingual services to solve your problem as soon as possible.

    Is there an opportunity to learn Chinese while in China?

    Yes, JiC also provide additional Mandarin Chinese learning courses(not included in the basic program).

    Are meals included in the program fee?

    No, apart from the Welcome Banquet and during the orientation day, meals are not provided as part of the program. However, there are many cheaper places to eat in China if you are on a budget.

  • Internship Position
    Can I gain academic credit for my internship program?

    JiC works closely with a large number of universities internationally to assist students who wish to accredit our internship program with their university degree.

    We recommend contacting your university academic department to discuss the procedure your university will follow in order to accredit your internship. JiC will be able to provide all necessary documentation to support this application.

    If you would like to gain academic credit through your internship program then it is essential that you inform JiC about this intention as far in advance of your intended program start date in order to guarantee that JiC can provide the necessary documentation in time.

    Which company will I work for?

    JiC arranges internships in local Chinese companies in many industry sectors. We match you with a company relevant to your experience andAcademic background.

    We provide all the applicants the true Chinese internship. We are continually accessing great companies in China to provide all applicants the best internship experience.

    How will I go to my company on my first day of work?

    A member of local  JiC staff will take you to your company on the first day of your internship.

    Will it be possible for me to have a permanent employment after the internship ?

    Yes it is possible. JiC’s goal is build the largest Chinese online career platform for non-Chinese. However we can’t guarantee your internship will lead to a permanent job in China.

    When will I find out where I will be working?

    We will inform you basic company information after you confirm you program pay your deposit (The company’s sector , you internship position etc) ,However,we can only reveal full information of the company at which you will intern once you have paid your full program fee. This is for a number of reasons:

    JiC has worked very hard to build up business relationships with our partner companies. This relationship is built on the trust that we will efficiently and reliably provide interns on a regular basis. If we assign you to a company and then you do not join the program by paying the full fee, this damages our business relations.

    Many companies do not want to advertise for interns publicly, and prefer to rely on us to provide interns. If we make public which companies are looking for interns, they may receive unwanted applications.

    If we inform people of the companies before they have paid, they may approach that company directly and damage our business relationship.

    Once you have paid in full, we are happy to give you all the information you will need about your company around eight weeks before your departure We can only inform you of the company at which you will intern once you have paid your full program fee. Additionally, we work closely with the companies and interns during the internships to make sure that you get the most out of your time in China.

    Will I be paid during my internship?

    Most of our internships we provide are unpaid. Paid internship placements in China are very rare. Whether the internship is paid or not really depends on the position and the company.

    Our goal is to offer you an chance to find your own opportunities in China.

    Which sector will my Internship be in?

    During the application process JiC will assess your suitability for the program and determine your most appropriate placement based on your skills, ambitions and interview performance.

    I would like an internship in a sector which is not listed, is this possible?

    We are always developing relationships with new companies. Please let us know your preferred sector and we will endeavor to facilitate a placement in your area of interest.


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